Monday, September 28, 2009


finn & i flew into atlanta early for erin & andrew's wedding... our crafty skills were needed! we needed to finish the cup cake stand & a few other odds and ends. it was our first trip without bryan. what a pain! that man is such an excellent sherpa! who knew???? luckily, the good ol moby wrap saved the day. i could carry finn in it hands free, so i could schlep the diaper bag & the car seat(to check at the gate) around.

this picture was taken back in march when i was in atlanta for another wedding. i think i've mentioned this cup cake stand before. it was a very fun project that erin asked my advice on & we ran with it. thankfully, southern men are super polite & wouldn't hear of a big ol preggers lady cutting wood at home depot- so they did that part for us. then andrew, don & i glued/hammered the puppies together. finn tried to help but was a little in the way ;)

& here is our finished product... with 20 coats of paint later, thanks to tom & don! i think we did an awesome job. (must give major kudos to my papa for teaching me these here skills)

okay, onto the pics you really wanna see. first a few of the wedding shots. this was such a great wedding. i'll start it off with a photo that explains the mood of the day. tehee.

will was kind enough to dance with me, after i dragged him out there.

bryan. poor, poor bryan. spent something like 16 hours in the airport trying to get to the wedding. his 10pm (friday night, red eye) flight got cancelled & then they cancelled something like 3 other planes on him. he arrived around 1 am sunday morning. doh. just in time to snuggle up to his baby boy whom he hadn't seen in over 4 days.
updated shot of me doing my thang. sans big belly, now medium belly. (thanks will!)
aunt snefani & nana... kissin on him.

sarah, my best friend, came during the reception to help out with finn, she eventually kidnapped him & took him back to barb's house so he could sleep.
aw. isn't this cute.
the docUmenTORs!
i have this awesome picture of aunt teecee holding me when i was a babe... similar to this one of her holding my babe.
jeff & steph. being cute.
nana doing what she wishes she could do all day long, everyday.
next up pics from louisville, but good lord do i have a ton to post. we were home for 2 weeks & didn't stop running around. so be patient as those get processed!

Friday, September 18, 2009

mama's got a cold.

*had a cold -this post is a couple weeks old*

with all this traveling i emotionally braced myself for this. it hasn't been too bad, luckily. but the entire flight back from new york this past monday i could sense it. tuesday i felt like crud-doodie. so i called in sick to the gallery & finn & i napped the day away. we went to our ultimate frisbee game that night. i played several points & it actually helped quite a bit. amazing what a bit of exercise does for the immune system.

finn's been a little cranky so he may well be coming down with it. or he could be teething already since he's a drool monster.

this got me thinking. i'm not prepared for my family to get a cold. i don't want to use today's traditonal drugs to treat a cold or a fever or a bruise, unless necessary. so i've been doing some research & i'm excited about some of my findings! i wanted to share with you in case you wanted to try these little diddies too!

quick question for ya... will you be getting the flu shot(s)? we're on the fence about it...

echinacea. i bought a bottle from our local store, desert sage herb.
i put a dropper full in a glass of water. drink it down. this is more preventative.

eucalyptus oil. i put a few drops of this with some organic lotion & rub it on finn's feet & my chest, so that he is inhaling this natural "vick's vapor rub" while i hold him. it smells amazing.

the reason i'm using a natural rub vs. vick's vapor rub is because vick's uses petrolatum which is a by-product in the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline. YUCK! i don't want that on my innocent lil babe.

& then arnica. seems like an amazing little discovery.

arnica & st. john's massage oil is good for bruises, strains, general aches & especially nice after a strenuous workout. (i wish i would have known about this while in labor- it's supposed to work wonders!) & (plain arnica gel is good for clogged milk ducts!)

arnica pellets: to be placed under the tongue & disolved. good for aches, pains & headaches. i've used this a couple times & it seems to work well.

my friend sarah anne, whom i've mentioned here told me about herbasaurs calming. it's a natural homeopathic medicine for children experiencing restless sleep, fussiness & irritability caused by minor illness & teething!

also on the subject of teething i know several mama's who use hyland's teething tablets... another natural option.

okay i'll keep reporting back with all the goodies i find! i promise some posts with pictures are coming. i have one more wedding this weekend & then things calm down because the rest of my weddings are in arizona... yeah!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

flagstaff weekend number two.

finn is such a rockstar. he has now been camping twice & this time it was real camping, not just in someone's back yard! flagstaff was fantastic this time, it reminds me of a tiny version of boulder. the weather was cool, even a little chilly at night & sprawl won the tournament. i think, didn't you bryan? anyways.

these pictures were all taken with my brand new 5dIIs. it's an A...mazing camera that i should have bought right when it was released. it's amazing. i love everything about it.

enjoy the pics.

we rushed friday late afternoon to head to flag so we could get there by dark & find a spot. we got there late, had dinner & started our search for a campground a little after dusk. both of us were pretty annoyed after about an hour and a half of searching for something that would work. i started on the air mattress which would over heat every few minutes & turn off while bryan started with the mansion. while the pump cooled off i'd help while holding finn. we finish the tent & bryan helps me with the mattress. he begins to blow it up himself. the thing is almost full when the valve gets stuck & all the air comes wooshing out. bryan was pisssssssssy after that. getting even more annoyed we start wondering why in the hell we wanted to get there that night.

we fell asleep without even a goodnight kiss.

this photo was taken around 5:45 am the next morning. bryan woke up pretty early & started to make breakfast. finn & i stayed inside the warm tent & fell back asleep. bryan woke us up once the oatmeal was ready & we looked at each other & said gently "this is why we rushed here" it seems like a lot of work to do this stuff with a babe & two dogs, but it's so worth it. so amazing to disconnect & be. our small family alone in fresh air. it doesn't get better than this.

this is how we sleep while camping- him on my chest.

finn honestly loves being outside. he loves the breeze & the noises -all of it.

love from papa.

happy baby.

sweet kylie.

this is my favorite photo of the two of us. it's been my desktop image since the trip.

liddy, a friend's daughter, was such a big help with finn. isn't she beautiful?

the tents set-up. saturday night most of sprawl joined us at the site.

our friends, sarah-anne & stan, took a cute picture like this while they were camping & it was so cute, i wanted one too!

achoooooo! finn has the same funky thing as his father... when they look at the sun they sneeze. he wasn't looking at the sun here but i love his squenched up face.

i love this next series. he is happiest when he first wakes up.

can you hear his giggle? it's pretty amazing.

skye on the way to the fields. how cute is this?

stoli & his beautiful daughter, emma. stoli is a temporary stay at home dad- we are supposed to start mommy(tehee) & baby yoga with them this friday but we're missing it bc we'll be in new york.

melissa, emma's mama, was my play date but she's gone back to work :( poor finn got his first sun burn during this weekend, but he was covered like this most of the time because it was a lil chilly & i had sun screen on him. dang sun.

i think this is soo cute.

the boys after a huddle.

i love this dog. winston is so funny.

daddy taking a break to hold his babe.

i'll end with a family photo- our first with all 5 of us!
have a great week.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


wow. really a month? a whole month? sorry about that folks. it's been a little crazy here. we have been moving around a bunch. our trip to colorado, georgia for erin & andrew's wedding, kentucky to meet family & to shoot a wedding! we're back. YEAH!!! it's so nice not sharing my baby with anyone. there i said it. i love how much you all love him, but i want to hold my baby for more than 10 minutes without your guilty looks :) but seriously. we loved seeing so many of you and apologize we didn't get to see everyone.

but we're only here until thursday because finn & i are heading up to new york for another wedding at silver bay!

so onto the pictures. we had a great time visiting colorado again, but this time for an ultimate tournament. extra bonus- our friend ashley now lives in denver. so she came & crashed sarah & ted's house with us.

here's the awesome view at the fields. mountains are the other way. guess i should have shown those, huh?
check out finn's super cool patagonia shirt! sarah & finn.

see cute sun hat! my little paddington bear.

saturday night the four of us decided we wanted to order some freshly baked cookies. this awesome company in downtown boulder will deliver fresh baked cookies & milk all night long. so we of course ordered a butt load & felt sick later.

look at how many we ordered!!!

ashley & vijay are from bryan's oklahoma days. two of our favorites :)

how freaken cute is this? let me tell ya: real freaken cute.

ah. the fam.

most of the sprawl guys are smitten with finn. it's pretty cute.

sprawl plus finn.

bryan doin his thang.

rare spotting of teddy! ted, the big fat jerk, had tickets to all four nights of the phish concert. SO JEALOUS. (jk teddy. love you!)

bryan, finn & i spent about 2 hours at the rei store... very cool & then walked about 3 or 4 miles back to ashley's place. i about died. that was the most exercise i'd had in forever. my legs were shaking by the time we got there.

group shots!!!!

with sarah & ted.

& then ashley

i could visit that place every weekend. love, love, love it. yes teddy, it's still on our list if we ever move :)

miss you three!