Monday, April 29, 2013

ah, silver bay.

it was a lovely week of hiking & hanging out with carolyn.

jabe's pond. 
maya got fussy towards the end of the hike. finn said "maya do you need to hold my hand?" she said "yes." bryan & i had to hike awkwardly close so they could hold hands... it was pretty adorable.
 jabe's pond is on a road called split rock road. here be that rock.
the park in hague.
 this picture reminds me of the one bryan took on maya's first visit to silver bay.
snuggling with carolyn.
bryan getting hugs in between work. love that he's wearing finn's earphones for a phone conference.
unca's cliff & waterfall.
he had a hard time getting over this one.
the beautiful campus.
i photographed a friends wedding... here are the pictures from the wedding. 
bryan took the kids to a corn maze that day.