Monday, February 10, 2014

halloween & other october fun. 2013

finn helped me with making his costume... it was one of the most fun things i've done with him... thinking one day he'll make things all by himself on a sewing machine. how cool is that?

we let maya start using the scissors, she loves it.

bryan is a last minute costume kinda guy, so this year for the ultimate frisbee halloween game he borrowed my marilyn monroe costume. maya was so confused. 

here are the costumes i made for them.

halloween day started out rough. maya didn't want to wear her owl outfit i'd worked at 
least 10 hours on. i handled it really well with bribing, begging & pleading 
& finally offered ballerina & she agreed to that.  we dropped finn off at school & headed to paradise bakery for some treats to help us get through a rotten 2 year old kind of day. 
cute lil dancer, yeah?

carving pumpkins

taken with my phone camera, so lovely quality.

trick or treating with kace & capri!

our favorite babysitter!

aunt sandy visited her bestfriend & met up with us for lunch one day!

we made toilet paper roll owls!

our little garden of spinach, celery, carrots & broccoli.

we went to the botanical gardens to see chihuly's beautiful work.

this was the way maya would throw a tantrum. we've upgraded to hysterical status now, 
boy do i miss those days!

lil hike.

zoo with the ozdoba's!

and then we went to the tempe lights festival with them later that night.

wearing our bekind tshirts. it's an amazing organization that i get to work with.

photographed a wedding in new york. headed up there for a weekend all by my lonesome. stayed with my dear friend carolyn. it was a chilly, windy weekend.  the amazing wedding is here.