Saturday, February 16, 2013

to louisville we go...

i had a wedding in june, so we planned steph's shower for the sunday after... perfect. 
maya & i flew into town. the boys stayed behind... they had a blast. 

on a walk to get supplies so we were ready for the shower.

ron & denise babysat for me so i could shoot the rehearsal dinner.

baba & pop came over for breakfast & to cuddle with maya!

she loves kisses, but she leans in so you "may kiss her forehead!" said in a royal tone.

a few details of the shower. it was a co-ed shower, my favorite. the dads need to feel loved too! it ironically ended up being father's day! so we asked our uncles & all the daddies to write a letter about what being a dad means to them. 

jeff is uber into music & records. he gave records to all of his groomsmen. so that was the theme. their invites said "steph & jeff's greatest hit coming soon" 

i made them a cupcake stand out of some crystal candle sticks & records :) 
i also spray painted pots tiffany's blue for steph.

they live in nashville, so this kid's gonna need some boots!

the stories were HILARIOUS.

we then decorated onsies.

aunt teecee & maya.

the party planners: baba, kathy & i.  

jeff's mom & sister came, which was so great.

then we headed to dinner with papa.

my belly's bigger than yours.

Monday, February 11, 2013

bowling with the colson's.

he will probably hate me for posting this, but it was too funny.

this was his favorite part. "catching" the balls.

this babe wasn't walking yet. seems soooo long ago.

then we headed back to their house for a lil more hanging out.

we love these guys.