Thursday, August 25, 2011

in that first week we had a few visitors

who wanted to meet our maya.

andy & arielle just had their baby a few days ago! they came for some practice :) they ended up having a little girl & they named her Amaya! Our girls are a few weeks apart & one letter!!! bound to be great friends.
smelling the flowers, that boy of ours.

then our friends rob & tina came by. rob brought cigars...
kyan, their adorable lil chunker, really wanted to get close to maya. rob would keep him back just far enough he couldn't touch her & he'd start crying. i think he has a crush on her.
hannah givin finn some lovin.

playing trains. i bet this boy spends at least 5 hours a day playing with his trains. we had a few more visitors but i didn't take pictures of them. i started to get tired & decided to just relax & visit while sitting on the couch.
my mom was non-stop with helping us with laundry & cleaning.
finn's been doing this suck in his cheeks thing lately.
maya & i looking at her birth photos. it must have bored her because she fell asleep.
my lil sweet pea.

daddy saying goodbye as he goes back to work for the first time since she was born.
before we have our next kid, IF we have a next kid, i hope we live in some european country that lets both parents have a 6 month maternity leave... that would be awesome. the 3 days he took were not enough.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

maya's first photo session

i was trying to lay down & take a nap with maya... but as i laid there with my daughter, barely 50 hours old, i was overwhelmed with how beautiful the light was at that moment. so all the tiredness escaped me & i was no longer really drained mommy, but tired photographer! i'm so glad i skipped that nap, because i love these pictures!

instead of doing an entire upper body cast like i did for finn (what was i gonna do with two of those things??!) my friends jill & arielle did a belly cast. nothing bonds some women together like rubbing a cast all over your chest & belly!

i planned on putting the baby in it so we could all see how big the creature living inside of me was:
cute huh?
this is bryan's favorite.
& this is a great example of what she was doing almost 24/7 in my belly... KICKING!
& then i took a flower from the bouquet my brother & his wife sent us to use as a prop.
my sweet smiling baby girl.

& then another one to show how tiny she was... was because i feel like our girl is already so big! she's solidly filling out her 0-3 month clothes!

so, maya didn't have her first non-family member babysitter yesterday, daddy had a furlow day, so he got to do it! melissa was slightly disappointed :) it's been so nice having an extra day with him. if anyone is aware of a job for bryan -that would allow him to work from home, please send it his way. we're all much happier when we get more of him!

Monday, August 15, 2011

baby is 3 weeks old.

our lil' maya is a "big girl" said in strange deep voice that finn is loving right now. at the doctor's office today they said she weighed 10lbs! i took her to in to make sure she was doing alright, she feels really warm to me -almost constantly. luckily, anytime i've taken her temp she's normal. but she's really stuffy at night. poor little nose. the doctor said everything looked great. no infections, no labored breathing, etc. just a little head cold. her humidifier arrived today, luckily! so, with that magic weapon & the dreadful squeggie-in & salinin' it combo she should be good to go in no time.

she also has a bit of a heat rash, at least i wanted to make sure that's what it was. we were in flagstaff last weekend- wanted to remember what low 90's felt like instead of 100 +!!! & i wore her in my ergo the whole day- which was maybe too warm for her. but, it's almost gone.

other than those details, everything is going really well. finn requests i hold him & "daddy hold maya" more & more, but he's still very sweet to her. last night we were driving home from our friend keith & joanne's house, fairly late & maya was oddly upset. (usually she loves being in the car) he started singing twinkle twinkle & then the abc's to her & she fell asleep. it worked!! she was lulled to bed by her big brother for the first time! bryan also happened to give her a passy somewhere during those songs, but, i think finn's sweet voice was more to blame!

here are a few pics from when nana was here.

saying good morning maya!

this was just too funny...
he's getting so big & cuter -if that's possible.

maya sucked her thumb several times that first week n half or so. i haven't seen her do it since, although while aunt rae rae (stephi) was here she did give herself an arm hicky.

he loves looking at her.

our sweet girl.
our lil grumpy girl.
several movies were watched while nana was here. finn was in heaven.

we especially liked the princess & the frog. might be my favorite disney movie.
so, steph just left this past saturday. sunday was hard without her; finn was a grump & bryan & i didn't have much patience. luckily, our friends birthday dinner made us all feel better!

today went really well. it was only my fourth full day alone with both kids. & it was the first time that maya napped while i put finn down. she's normally content to sit in her swing or lay in a bed alone, but, she seems to know when i'm putting finn down & is grumpy if i'm not holding her. so nap time has been complicated. but today went smoothly! kindof exciting.

i have my first portrait session this friday, so maya will have her first non-family member babysitter :)

okay, time to feed maya & then watch me some gilmore girls. i'm kindof obsessed.

Monday, August 8, 2011

life update

my mom's gone home. we had one week to ourselves (that went really well!) & now my sister is here & her husband just left after a quick weekend visit!

things are going well...

ms. maya had her one week check up & she'd gained 5 oz! i wasn't sure how she'd do on that front because she falls asleep fairly quickly during our feedings, but i've been told that just means she's an efficient eater! the doctor high-fived bryan & said we made good babies.

finn is still adapting amazingly well to life with competition for our attention. the only time he's shown a hint of jealousy is when bryan came into my office to get him & put him down for his nap- i was holding maya & finn was sitting in my lap as i answered some emails & finn said "no, daddy hold maya & mommy hold finn." but i think that was more about avoiding nap than real jealousy. he loves giving her kisses & always rubs her head gently to calm her down.

here are a few pictures!

we've gotten a couple really sweet bouquets with balloons on it, so the balloons "are for finn". he carries them around everywhere. he walked in one morning holding them & i asked him to climb up into bed with maya & these next few pictures are the result. they make my heart happy.

he asked if he could put maya in his belly & got mad when we sad he couldn't.

& then he gave her a hug & all was better.

maya has found her thumb a couple of times... which is a miller curse! but it's so darn cute.
nana & her first granddaughter!

my friend, "short jill", came by & did a portrait session of maya. this is one of my favorites from it... i was trying to calm her down after she got upset about peeing all over herself!

more pictures from the session coming soon!!