Wednesday, December 22, 2010

painting pumpkins.

maybe we'll carve pumpkins next year. but this year we painted one. & he loved it.
aunt lissa helped & jeff came to the rescue when he was needed.

clean canvas... he's observing to get a "feeling" from the pumpkin.
& then he dives right in!

aunt lissa & uncle jeff were oohing & ahhing with every mark.
serious about his art :)
starting to get a little messy.
finn's first attack is lissa's nose
& then he went on to attack her eye ball.

isn't it looking purty?
mixing colors. he's advanced yall. he knows what he's doing!

we still have this pumpkin on our counter & wish we could stuff it & keep it forever :)

i can't believe i'm just now blogging about halloween stuff & it's 3 days from christmas. sheesh. you'd think my life was glamorous & busy or something.

happy holidays everyone :) i wish you a white christmas & a kicking new year.

Monday, December 20, 2010

aunt lissa & uncle jeff came to visit!!!!

we were so excited to have them for almost a whole week to ourselves. this is going to be broken up into two posts because i couldn't edit down enough. so get over it already :0

finn & uncle jeff reading one of finn's all time favorite books- goodnight gorilla.

these don't have veggies in them by any chance do they uncle jeff?
o, but if you put syrup on it i'll forget all about it!
a little excited for his breakfast.
he showed off his piano skills.
had some awesome hair days... i love this expression. too funny.

just learning eyes, ears, nose & mouth.
that is most definitely uncle jeff's nose. good job bud.
we showed them our children's museum which is AMAZING.
i think they had more fun than finn.
i've never let him run free in the noodle forest before -but it was hilarious. he bumped into the padded columns a couple times & i about fell over from laughing. it was really hard to keep up with him in here.

we went to a corn maze/pumpkin patch. finn lasted 2.5 seconds in this wagon.
um, guys. i don't think this is the way...
everyone had this look at least once in this huge corn maze.
aw, now he's happy.
finn running after the choo-choo. i have several pictures of bryan in a dead sprint after this child.
checking out the pumpkins.

finally riding the choo choo with melissa, but he hated it! HATED it. she said he was like crawling up her the entire time trying to get out.
we lounged & relaxed. love this one.
we played with all of his cool toys, which by the way i have paired down some since my christmas wish list post!

we took them kayaking & that means finn went for the first time too! it took him awhile to like it, but i think he got into it. my friend from rei gave me his son's life vest! too cute!

i wanted to use this as our family card but bryan said it wasn't appropriate since he wasn't wearing a shirt. bah- hum-bug.

he did love the boats while they were beached though.

the water was a little chilly, but nice once you submerged yourself enough.
melissa kicked jeff's butt. (can't you see the two inches she's ahead of him!)
melissa & jeff oblivious to the secret attack that's about to go down.

we let finn paint the pumpkin he picked out & that's the next post!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

some finn for ya.

i bought finn a desk & a table awhile ago when they were on sale. one is for art & this one is his desk for reading. he loves it!
finn imitates daddy by drinking the milk after he's done with his cereal. he's gotten pretty good at it & doesn't spill much anymore.

well not much on the floor anyways.
he is also obsessed with moving furniture and arranging it to be a choo-choo.
he loves his cars. i thought this was really cute.

for sanity's sake we went for a long walk to the park.
his hair was looking especially nice this day. i love it! and miss it. we've since gotten his first haircut- those pictures coming soon!

he's almost a man. can you believe it?
hunting rabbit.

this might be my favorite outfit of his.

he'll climb anything but once he gets close to the slide he gets scared & backs up.
get those pigeons.
back in our yard, playing outside some more. he's throwing a frisbee & he occasionally has dead on aim. ya better watch yourself round this boy!
exploring in our forest.

trying to ride his bike by himself. just not tall enough yet!
my cute, sweet boy.
yes that's dog doodie. please don't step in it.
have a great weekend! we're home & relaxing for a change.