Friday, December 21, 2012

finn's third birthday

our little guy turned 3 back in june. so hard to believe. he is simply the sweetest little boy.
a sweet little boy that can get under our skin,
 but precious & smart & funny & so very loving. 

he was (& still is) obsessed with the lady bug girl books.
one of her best friends is sam, the bumble bee boy.
it was quite easy to figure out what our theme was going to be :)

i attempted to make cake pops... disaster. with a Capitol D.

matt & melissa helped me get the birthday boy ready!

a lil bit timid...

i made bug wings out of panty hose & wire & then the kids decorated them.

               i attempted to make these string balloon things to look like bumble bees 
& man were they hard!!!!

they turned out awesome!!!

he was so happy!

jill loves this boy so much she even wore a black dress & painted her nails yellow!

group photo of all our lil bugs!

cake time!

precious boy.

lovin on his heather.

bumped your nose!!!

our resident photographer :)

& i'll end on this one...  can't wait to see what's in store for you, my special boy.