Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a lil of july... getting there.

love this kid.

"hold on a minute. let me tell you something."
he watched despicable me on my ipod touch the whole time.

no cavities, beautiful teeth.
my dear friend, jill, won a hot dog recipe competition, so we all met up & ate at the food truck. 
hers was definitely the best.
it unfortunately was in the middle of summer so we were all gross! (these are with my point n shoot)
kace & finn did this the whole night.
we rode the light rail... they loved it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a bit of july

4th of july, a lil baseball, a lil bike ride, a lil cookout :)

poor ky ky.

the kids approved of the healthy donuts! 

 our garden was pretty awesome there for a lil bit!

 we really wanted to go for a bike ride, but we were in the nasty desert heat, so we rode with daddy to the light rail on morning. hot, but doable.
room was a little crowded pre furniture give away.
maya's first nap in her crib, sharing a room with big brother. 
we began the migration from our room to their room.

i love it when finn gets into his blocks.

babysitting the lil ones... i went to the bathroom & this is what i found when i came back. all maya. micah was probably saying the whole time "girl, you're gonna get in trouble!" 
but she does this to melissa's purse every chance she gets!
sprinkler fun!
4th of july continued: michael brought finn his birthday present, a john deere tractor.
 it's awesome & he loves it.
they came over for a cookout & some more baseball. 
jill's one of the hottest outfielders i've ever seen! ;)
4th of july cake! 
if you have not tried trader joe's madagascar vanilla bourbon cake... go right now. seriously.

tehee. it's too hot to wear pants. don't judge. the snow boots on the other hand, the kid's obsessed!
finished this thomas puzzle all my himself for the first time!  
one of my brides gave this to finn when he was 7 months old.

in the summer melissa & i buy the kid's movie passes. a movie each week. we alternated who took the big kids & who kept the babes.