Sunday, October 31, 2010


this is finn's first real halloween. especially since last year we were on a plane during trick or treating on our way home to louisville and he never even put his costume on once! so here's a picture to jog your memory. it would fit him perfect now, wherever it is :)

so this year was a big deal! he was going to wear the above whoopi cushion that jill & i made him last year, but i have no idea where it is & we failed to find it before leaving for the kiwanis park festivities yesterday. i was also going to borrow a monkey costume from a friend, but we never got around to going by their house & picking it up. so at 2:30pm yesterday afternoon we decided on max from where the wild things are! i immediately drove to joanne's for fabric & details. everything i bought was half off so his costume cost me under $10! & it was made in under 2 hours (with the help of auntie jill again, of course!) & we were almost on time! thanks in huge part to melissa & stoli for picking up dinner!

(i have an infinity for this book, because a)i love it. b) i painted a mural of one of the scenes from it in the orphanage in honduras. if i can dig that picture up later i'll add it. & finn has one of the monsters & max in a stuffed animal in his crib.)

enjoy a few pictures :)

from last night. i'll be posting more from this later...

& then today. our little max.

really not a fan of the hat part. i wasn't either because i couldn't figure out how to sew it!!!
aha! i got it off. mommmmmm.

trying to catch up with the big kids, nathan & isabelle.
his very first house ever. we taught him to say trick or treat & it came out "eeh erree eeeh" & then he'd grab two or three fistfuls of candy & say "tank you" with his hand doing the sign language motion but his version covers his mouth so it's all garbled. pretty darn cute.
starting to peeter out... but excited about his loot.
with his fellow trick or treaters! here he is assuming his character for the picture's sake of course. isabelle was dorothy & so precious. nathan was spiderman & chased isabelle around with his hand making web shooting noises. hilarious. & my little man kace was a gorilla & he is just about the most precious thing ever!
happy halloween! i had to post this for my mom & dad who both called tonight demanding pictures! ya happy? now i'm pooped & my tummy is a little funny from all the candy i borrowed from finn! g'night everyone.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

food poisoning.

not fun at all. after our frisbee game on tuesday night bryan picked us up some meatball subs from subway. we love these things. that is, we DID. not anymore. those things are awful- especially coming up & out. i can still taste it & it's how long afterwards?

poor finn. he had to fend for himself most of the day. at one point bryan woke up out of his coma (he was supposed to be taking a turn watching finn) & he was chewing gum! i have no idea where he got gum. neither of us chew it! he survived. i wasn't any better when it was my turn.
he did really well considering. when he didn't get enough attention he'd jump on me & i'd play for awhile & then luckily he'd get distracted by a car or train & go play by himself for awhile.

our amazing friend, melissa, came by & kidnapped him for a few hours & we both slept nearly the entire time. our other amazing friend, andy, brought us anti diarrheal & nausea medication & ginger ale's. you guys are awesome.

we survived. i keep repeating that. we both longed to be back in louisville. our mama's would have swooped in & taken care of everything.

but we managed somehow. and we ate our first meal tonight. rice, beans & tortilla's. bland & simple. i'm looking forward to tomorrow when this feels like a distant memory.

here's hoping to good health & swearing off subway's!!!!

silver bay

I had one wedding this year at silver bay. ONLY ONE. something is wrong here. I need to get that number up. way up. that was not nearly enough silver bay. and it went by so quickly that i blinked & it was over. i didn't even get to swim in that beautiful crystal clear lake! or have ice cream. ahhhhhhhhhh! or enough of my carolyn!

who was nice enough to let us stay with her. she had a little weekend extravaganza with her best friend, so we only saw her briefly. definitely not enough time!

finn was amazing on the plane. amazing. those crayons are heaven sent -kelly if i could thank you 10,000 times i would. and i may try. i set him up with what i thought was a full proof area. nope, he enjoyed poking the books & making them fall in the cracks.

it wasn't full so we had a whole row to ourselves. i belted him in for a break. so nice when i'm traveling by myself! his trips with mama will come to an end soon- once i have to pay for his booty to fly, that is.

aunt sneffi joined us of course. it would be her last weekend with us as ms. stephani resch. her wedding was almost a month later!! she also needed a break from all the planning & thinking about it.

he wasn't into the labyrinth... not zen enough for this experience. yet. he's going to be the only 4 year old walking it- mark my word!
or maybe he was...
nope, cheater!

cloudy day, a little chilly, but lovely.

my friend, chris, and also a former groom of mine joined us on the beach. we let finn play in the sand.

this kid is too damn cute!

he barely has a moment to spare these days. such a busy body.

i bought some jeggins while in nyc for steph's bachalorette party... and they do not look good on me. not on my flat butt. nope. wish someone would have told me!

next year. i'll spend more time with you sba... promise.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

goodlord it's been awhile.

i do apologize. i have completely neglected you. but for good reason. my one & only cherished little sister got married this past weekend. i had a few responsibilities for the wedding that had to be taken care of before hand & lots of work. i've had several portrait sessions & needed to complete all of the weddings i'd shoot thus far. that means all personal things like this blog took the back burner.

i thought i'd give you one lil teaser as an apology.

my favorite image so far from steph's wedding.

it was an amazing day.

i will surely be writing more & publishing more images as i catch up on everything!

thanks for being patient.

on a side note- i left my phone in the airport on the way to the wedding last wed evening. i unfortunately didn't report it missing until today (too busy!!!) and the nice person that picked it up proceeded to make lots of international phone calls from it. i might be responsible since i didn't report it in a timely fashion. does he not understand how important my sister's wedding is/was?! sheesh. anyways- what that means now is my phone is suspended until it's all figured out & i get a new one. that also means i don't have your number. if you'd like me to have it please email me your number. what a pain!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

nathan & isabelle

& their parents, cathi & tyler, came over for dinner a few weeks ago. i made my chicken enchiladas, recipe courtesy of sarah kessans & they kick ASS. yummmm. anyways. the kids played nicely while we ate & then we joined them in the living room & bryan became the entertainment :) all three yard apes were climbing all over him. finn would occasionally go sit with one of the other adults & read a book. but it was all very cute.

they've just told everyone that they're moving to vermont. yeah & major boo. while i love them being only half an hour away, so i'm sad to see them leave, they'll be living only 2 hours away from our camp in upstate new york, where eventually we want to spend our entire summers. so we'll see them at least once a year! yeah!!! (that was a really long sentence & probably not grammatically correct. oh well.)

just a quick post. i have a good long one in the works for ya.