Wednesday, June 20, 2012

kate & pat's baby shower.

my friends kate & pat decided to adopt. what seems like forever ago. i know they definitely think that. it was a very longggggggggggggg & difficult time for them. so when we got word that they were getting closer to bringing home their little boy a few of us decided to throw them a shower.

holli, is married to my supervisor at rei, bob. they're awesome peops. she works with kate.

she told kate that they had to hire me for their wedding. so they did! now, kate & pat are friends of ours too!

kate told her friend jessica & sean that they needed to hire me for some baby belly pics. & they did! jessica & sean are now friends of ours too!!

i truly am a lucky gal to have such a fabulous job that brings such cool people into my life. dang.

anyways. the three of us did some tricky tricky behind their backs. we had to bring pat into the mix because he was living in southern az for work for a few months & we had no idea how to get him back to phoenix without him knowing what was up.

but we totally got kate!!!!

i posted on her facebook page a few days before the party about wanting some ethiopian food/ date night.  she said, sure... pat's never tried the one by your house! done. i asked if they could pick bryan & i up on the way.

when they arrived i asked if they would mind coming in because my sitter was late & they walked into the kitchen to us :) SURPRISE!!!!!!! 

the decorations. holli made the awesome crayon wreath. i made the ribbon banner & paper hearts. the colors were the ethiopian flag. i also had a picture board with pictures they'd taken on their trip to meet him... but since he wasn't officially theirs they weren't legally allowed to post any pictures, so i didn't take any of it.

i made fruit shishkabobs in the order of the flag :) thanks pinterest!

jessica & mckenzie. mckenzie didn't like the surprise part :(

hanging out.
sippy cup competition.
kate cheated.
pat loved all of his new clothes.
i found on etsy an artist that made custom wall hooks. i inquired if they could make one for me & said no :( they had too many orders for custom pieces right now. so luckily one of pat's co-workers grandfathers could do it! isn't it awesome?
holli & bob.
all their loot :)
the whole gang that celebrated them!
a few with the hostssssss. love these.

i really don't remember exactly what we're laughing at... but i get hot all over looking at these pictures.

congratulations kate & pat!!!!  thank you for being so patient & persistent & giving your sweet little boy an amazing home.

zoo with boot camp babes.

just a few pictures from a trip to the zoo, with the ladies i work out with. they're awesome. bootcamp babes is awesome.

little emma & big emma.

marnie & kace. marnie is our instructor. girl knows how to kick your butt, but somehow you love her more afterwards :)

kace & piper.

nom nom nom.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

i simply adore her.

my maya leigh at 7 months old. 

& here's a few from finn's flower portrait session:

these were taken on 3.17.10 maya's were taken on 2.17.12.

both in a neighbor's yard. sometimes i really love our neighborhood.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

mass blog post jan & feb

a massive update. few words, lots of pictures.
looking at these now... i miss that weather. now that we're solidly in the 100's.
maya & kylie. so sweet watching my first baby let my littlest baby poke her & grab her. 

big cheeks!
one of finn's hiding spots.

our friend cam came to visit!
miss amaya came for a playdate.

andy made us crepes while cam & i made dried apples.

promise the crepes were yummy!
hi baby girl!
nice bryan. nice.

cam is an excellent brew master... so it's only appropriate he introduced maya to beer.  ;0

i love her eye balls.

this one makes me smile.
i want that camera.

my lil bald baby.
i don't like valentine's day. i don't like it's forced nature of making you do something for someone. too commercial. i'd prefer a gift the next day when everything is 50% off :) but that's not fair to my kids. when they go to school they're going to get valentines day cards & it's fun to give them as well.  so we made some paper hearts to hang around the house.

maya got pretty good at reaching for things & rolling over!
chelsea, our babysitter, always makes the coolest train tracks.
but they built an awesome train house to go with it this time!
love that face.