Friday, March 16, 2012

new day, new look, more of us


i love the pictures in this post. my kids look so angelic & beautiful & happy.
(that is not an everyday occurrence!)
we were hanging out in the backyard, enjoying what is the BEST thing about phoenix. the calm before the storm, the storm being our summers.

ms. maya.

this baby makes me so happy. i'm about to do a post solely on her, but man!
girlfriend likes to slobber & smile, smile & slobber. in no particular order.

it's my lifes mission to get an amazing photo of this kid's eye balls. they are fabulous. i know i can get a better one.

her eyes are a soft gray/blue. sort of the inspiration of the blog color.

finn & kylie. love this series.

this dog has been such an amazing companion.

i'm so grateful my kids have gotten the chance to get to know her.
lil stinker.


finn got these googley eyes in a bday goodie bag. he yelled for me to come in the living room & when i didn't he found me. i laughed for a good 5 minutes.
our lil farmer. we're about to plant some raised bed gardens & i am beyond excited to teach/ learn this useful skill along side my kids.

and to each of you a pb&j kiss :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


have i mentioned on here yet that my sister is pregnant? well she is, they are having a baby boy this august ;) i am one excited aunt. just another sweet babe for me to spoil!!! this post is for her, who sent a desperate text the other day saying she needed to see the kids. i'm gonna play catch-up (story of my life) & do a lot of "posts" in this one!

sometimes life is hard because there are so many options- maya's figured out how to avoid that though... she wants both fingers & passy.
maya wanted to be a part of the action & so i plopped her & the bumbo on the table. shortly after i did this i had a conversation with a friend about how they were recalling these because babes were flinging themselves out & getting injured when put on things other than the floor... so i post this as a "thank god" nothing happened & to pass it on. THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA.
finn's hair. i love it. i have a hard time taking him to get a haircut which is why he literally looks like a wild child every couple of months.

i think he looks like a who in horton hears a hair & new kicks from aunt rae rae. i adore these shoes, but finn has a blast taking them off & so we don't wear them all that often, because i can only take so much crazy. & that drives me crazy.

i'm not sure where finn was, maybe daycare? but maya & i had a impromptu play date with jill.
we went to avery's third birthday party.

finn almost always ends up next to the birthday kid when his or her cake comes out. it's one of his many skills.

silver ware? what?! that takes too long. this is some good sh*t & i want it in my belly.

:) birthday boy getting some lovin.
he's starting to hold conversations & it's a lot of fun to listen to one side.
heather & brian came over.
maya showed heather how to read.
our fruit is ready for picking!

jan was a good month. next up is lei out :)