Friday, June 19, 2009

day 8.

finn is 8 days old!!! (well, he was when i started this post & then he wanted me to play with him & i'm just now getting back to it! ) we all survived the first week, but saying we survived would imply it was hard, which it wasn't. this has been the most magical week. finn is such an easy baby. so sweet, he really only fusses when i don't get my boob to him quick enough :) he charges at it with his mouth wide open & hands stretched out like he's reaching for a big mac. then he slurps around for awhile before he makes the connection. it makes me giggle & it takes him a few seconds longer to find it while i quit shaking. poor little guy.

i'd like to make an announcement: i am now a miller... the boobs have arrived. so all my aunts & cousins that use to make fun of my lil ta-ta's can't anymore! tehee.

we're trying out the moby sling for the first time right now & he loves it.

he's had 3 baths & is starting to like them. that's my kid... liking the water.

he has now not only peed on bryan but shit on him as well. bryan is so careful while he changes him... he had his feet pinned together & up in the air while he wiped him gingerly & out came a very loud squirt that landed all over him & our bed & our floor. bryan screamed like a girl -loud enough that i heard it in the next room, came running in to find the greatest scene. bryan was frozen with his face in "oh my god" mode. my stomach still hurts from laughing... it was one of those really great laughs that keeps you in a good mood for a few days.

so far he wakes up only once, maybe twice through out the night. and when he wakes up its a little whimper... he's yet to cry at night.

he's already use to the camera... duh! he turns towards it when he hears the shutter.

so now, i'll stop rambling & show you what you've been waiting for... a few pictures.

the boys being cute.
have you noticed our new couch :) please tell bryan how lovely it looks... it only took me 4 years to convince him we needed a new one!

cranky face. he's even cute when he fusses.

his eyes are slowly lightening up. we can't wait to see what color they end up. the pediatrician says the spot on his forehead is called a stork's kiss. it may take awhile to go away, but it should, eventually.

this is an old one... from right after he was born... jill took it! but i love how he's pursing his lips!
i've been working on a slide show with pictures from the birth... i should be posting them soon. jill did such a great job i can't wait to show you!

& then one last one of our family.
on mom's last night, the weather was nice enough that we sat outside for about an hour...
so, so, soo rare for a phoenix night in the middle of june.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

a quick lil

slideshow for you of finn's first 3 days...

& just in case you want to stare a lil longer at a few of my favorites:

both of my boys are asleep on the bed next to me. they flinch the same way in their sleep. it's very cute. both of them are being amazing. bryan is such a trooper- mom is definitely making his life easier but he's helping out immensely. he's already such a pro. when she leaves on monday the overwhelming laundry will begin :) the cloth diapers are working so well! they make finn's bum even cuter, if that's possible.

& then, finn. i don't know how to describe our little man. he is calm. curious. adorable. he's got himself some red hair & i love it! he almost always has his left hand up to his face, resting on his cheek. he doesn't mind being wrapped up but that hand will find it's way out. he has slept through both nights with me having to wake him up to feed. let's see if that keeps up. he doesn't really cry... he squeeks!
he is a definite cuddle bug.

it's time to be fed... so we'll post more later!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Ethan Finn Paris

But, we like making life confusing so he'll go by Finn!

Born 3:04 am MST, 8 lbs, 20.5 inches. 10 fingers, 10 toes.

Here's a brief summary of last night. Margie, Megan, myself and the dogs went for a walk around 9:00 pm last night. Throughout the walk, Megan was having light, but fairly regular contractions. Got back to the house around 9:30... by 10:30 her contractions were getting stronger and more regular. We called our Doula around midnight (I think) and called our midwives to come on out around 1:30 or so. Nedra (midwife #1) arrived around 2:00 am. Mary (midwife #2) arrived shortly thereafter. And Jill (our friend and photographer) arrived sometime after Mary. Megan transitioned from laboring on the labor ball to the pool around 1:00 am or so. They started the pushing process shortly after the midwives arrived. Megan was quite the trooper.. everyone was impressed with her calmness. I must say, I was very impressed. I think Margie did more yelling than Megan. Megan will probably write a more detailed (and interesting) labor story when she's feeling up for it.