Tuesday, November 23, 2010

last hike as a family of 5

we found skye an amazing home. a friends retired parents who live in asheville north carolina on a mountain with lots of land. bryan really wanted to go on a last hike with her. so we drove north & it was a fabulous day.

here are a few pictures from our adventure.
it was a beautiful day.
we found an old house that use to be used as rest houses for the forest firefighters & that's where we stopped for a bit.
finn had a blast exploring.
it was a beautiful place.

he always finds the water puddle.
& most importantly skye had a blast. she was running & jumping & smiling the entire day.

finn had a blast too.

my boys picked me flowers... thanks sweet pea.
aren't they beautiful?
& everyone was pretty pooped afterwards.
we miss you skye. but are so happy that you've found the perfect home with wild turkeys to chase & endless hills to roam.


random assortment of finn:

we have this nice lil routine in the morning. finn wakes up at the butt crack of dawn between 5 & 6. bryan gets him & brings him to bed. finn snuggles up until 7 when bryan gets up. showers & then gets dressed. then the boys let me sleep for a beautiful half an hour. i got up one morning & saw this. how cute?

he loves his breakfast. it's either yogurt or almond milk in a bowl with some cheerio's on the side. he then puts them a few at a time in his bowl. very particular.

& then i got him a bike. working part-time at rei has some major perks! he loves his bike. it's the second thing he wants to do in the morning, after seeing his trains.

it took awhile to get him to like his helmet, now he hardly ever protests.

& he's also found a new hiding spot :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

this boy loves his mac n cheese.

it's one food he won't turn down. i've been adding veggie purees to the cheese so he gets a lil bit more out of it.

luckily annie's mac n cheese was on sale for 50 cents at frye's so i bought 30 boxes. no joke! that should last us maybe a month :)~

i love this face... it's as if he's saying "do not show dada my mess... do you hear me woman?"

he uses the fork for as long as he can stand it, but it usually only gets him one noodle at a time & he gets much too impatient for that and grabs a handful.
arg arg arg!
silly boy.

more. more. more! (he claps instead of touches his fingertips together.)
hanging out with his monkeys. he can say eeh eeh aah ooh ohh. it's my favorite animal noise that he can make other than the owl.
ah. a clean house.

enjoy your week!

rob & tina's baby shower.

rob & tina, some good frisbee friends, of ours were expecting their first little boy & we hosted their babe shower :)

i was uber impressed with how prepared for this shower we were. it was sunday afternoon & we had mopped, cleaned, scrubbed, swept, dusted everything by saturday night! bryan even scrubbed the back door which is usually sooo covered in skye slobber you can't see out of the bottom half!

i had lined up a cleaning lady to come help, but she was a no show. that's how dirty our house was. we needed professionals.

i love when we have parties because we are both so motivated to clean, which doesn't happen otherwise -we straighten. & my friends there is a difference in this house with: one grown slob, two large dogs & a babe that enjoys throwing his food more than eating it!

anyways. the party!

ms. tina herself in her big belly glory :) rob to the right & keith far right.
i bought little mason jars for the lemonade & decorated them with lil footprints & had picked up some beautiful flowers at the farmer's market.
it was a potluck & there was some yummy stuff!
hannah & monika with their babe fever being fulfilled.
sweet myra.
owen & joanne.

finn's favorite toy, the lil wagon's wheel keeps coming off. finn is trying to tell keith to fix it by saying uh-oh over & over again.

jim got iced. (you hide a smirnoff ice & whoever finds it has to down it) first of the afternoon. behind the boys is the quote board. you had to leave a quote or words of inspiration for the parents.
sprawl boys loving their tradition.

present time! tina was afraid of being iced so any open bags rob had to check first.

& then he was afraid so he made stoli check.
& there was one! so we made tom, the culprit drink it.

finn loving on kylie.
sweet myra bear.
& then the little man, kyan, made his appearance! (isn't that a great name?) while we were in nashville tn for my sister's wedding! we got to go see him two weeks later :) and here are a few pictures that i took of him.

he was barely two weeks old but they already looked like naturals.

he is beautiful. absolutely beautiful.
lil close-up for ya.
welcome to this world little man. you have an army of frisbee folks who already adore you!