Friday, July 16, 2010

i realized the other day

something pretty eery.

i was in a car accident on june 9th, 2005. i survived (obviously) with barely a scratch, although my car most definitely did not. the first woman to reach me afterwards said later she didn't expect to find me alive.

my aunt barbara, while hugging & holding me said it was because i had a purpose. a reason to live. i believe her. i've always felt i had a purpose. one day i'd do great things. take my art & help it to help others. be a good mom to children who need it. adopt. volunteer. etc.

why this didn't cross my mind until now- i'm not sure. but finn's due date was june 9th. he was born two days later- but for 8 months we looked at that date with excitement, anticipation & eagerness.

what a strange world we live in.

we all have a purpose.
we were all put here for something fantastic.
i hope you find your fantastic soon.

here's mine :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


our friends neil & sandy were married in dunkirk ny. so, to buffalo we flew. finn & i left early in the morning & arrived in time for the rehearsal dinner. it was a lovely wedding & so great to see neil & sandy say i do. finn slept through the whole ceremony!

this became a favorite activity for finn, during our travels. he did this at least once a day.
sunday was father's day. bryan opened his present bright & early! a new wallet made from recycled advertising & the tube from a bicycle tire!! how cool is that? his old one i gave him like 4 or 5 years ago was completely falling apart.

on sunday we booked a late flight so we could go to niagra falls. i'd never been and bryan was young when they visited it. so here's a few pictures from our adventure.

next up colorado!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

steph's shower

my baby sister is getting married in october. she is doing it in true stephani (notice the no e at the end of her name -always unique, always different) fashion. on a friday. in nashville. it's going to be awesome.

she is marrying the love of her life & my good friend jeff. i know jeff from my favorite place in the world -silver bay association. jeff's brother, dougy, is one of my closest friends from camp. he asked me to shoot his wedding & steph came with because she got to know him pretty well too, the summer she worked there.

well, i don't know what kindof detail i need to go into :) but they ended up "getting together" that night. i actually snapped a photographed two seconds after their first kiss. my birthday was the next day- so after the wedding we all went out drinking to continue on in the festivities.

dancing at the reception.
at the bar, getting a lil closer.
yep, here it is. in all it's glory. literally 2 seconds after their first kiss. we were all working our way back to the hotel when we smelled pizza. now drunk & disorderly we ordered some. steph stood on this chair so they could share a piece. i'm happily eating mine over at a table when i look up & see them kissing. i'm stunned for a second, but then my paparazzi skills set in & i grab the camera.
this says it all.
i love that last one. it's how they are still to this day: goofy, fun loving & cute.

stay tuned for more pictures- i'm their official photographer. and maid of honor. this should be fun ;)

but, back to the shower! our aunt karen & cousin maria hosted it for her & it was beautiful. i unfortunately didn't think to grab a picture of the four of them together- but THANK YOU. you all did an amazing job!

they framed the invitation & had flowers everywhere.
here's the reaction to karen's toast. giggles. i think my uncle was actually inviting himself to the rarig's home in the pocono's.
cheers to the lovely couple. i love how happy my mom is here.
aunt sandy's pimento sandwiches. they were too cute so i had to take a picture.
get it.
opening presents. jeff loved his apron- it has a pocket for his beer, so it's perfect.
i mean no home is complete without the bride & groom kissing salt n pepper shakers.
our fam.
jeff's parents flew in for the party.
the miller women sure do know how to make a man feel special.
this post wouldn't be complete without some pics of finn.
playing with his cousin kennedy.

yeah for parties. and for weddings.

we have my cousin jackie's coming up & then our cousin brad just proposed so we'll just keep em coming from now on out!!

to steph & jeff. love you.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


we were able to hang out in louisville for a week and a half between weddings. it was awesome. but it goes by so quickly each time. going home never feels like a vacation, quite the opposite. so much (self applied, mostly) pressure to see everyone & do everything on our list & more than half of it goes unchecked.

the first night home we grabbed dinner with johnny, dad & auntie to celebrate her birthday!
there was a band outside our favorite lil mexican restaurant so we were outside listening to em for lil bit. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTIE!!!

we stayed at my mom's house because my sister was in town.
this is how finn rolls while eating.
steph gave it a try to see if it was as comfy as he makes it look.

lourdes had their summer picnic while i was home. i haven't been in well over 10 years & was so excited to go!! finn was tired, but found pure enjoyment in splashing in the buckets! he was drenched.
that friday was his official birthday. so i made another vegetable cake & two of my aunts that were out of town came over to celebrate. lovin his cake.
happy birthday to you sweet boy.
waking up uncle jeff & aunt sneffi.

nana took finn for lots of walks... this is what a walk with her two babies looks like :)
wondering if we're too tired for the pool...
nope, never. lauren & kennedy hanging out.

jennifer & kennedy!

poor sleepy babe.
we stayed at grandma dee's & papa ron's house one night & of course great aunt di came over to play.
i've been told by my very talented friend, ted, that the piano is the best instrument for him to learn... so grandma dee's showing him how it's done.

the night before we left we had a few visitors: uncle jeff & aunt lissa, uncle david & aunt maryann & papa. he took turns attacking us with hugs.
he's such a goofball.
sweet, sweet boy. steph's wedding shower is next :)