Thursday, November 24, 2011

home sweet home.

some random pics from home.

finn & ky ky. she is the world's best dog. i'm so grateful to have her, for the kids to grow up with her tender soul.
being silly.
i love this outfit.
finn loves his sister.
where's my brother!?
"here i am maya."
finn likes to pretend to be the baby. he knows he's not allowed in the chairs, but i walked into our living room after changing her & here he was.
the rightful owner of the swing about to fall into sweet dreams.
after a good nap & a diaper change we did a lil photo session.

ah, home sweet home indeed.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

last day in louisville..

that last day in louisville is always bittersweet. i'm usually ready to be home, with just us, relaxing. but i'm sad as well, to leave all of our loved ones behind -until next time.

the paris & meyer's had a cookout so that they could all meet maya!

the kids played as we packed up.

ms. maya's heat rash was starting to fade... but we kept her naked most of the day.
big cousin evelyn.

dee dee & maya cuddling.
love me that buddha belly.

great aunt di & great grandpa saying hi!

great aunt di came bearing gifts!
preparing the pizza dough that we grilled... so yummy!
david helping finn bat.
maryann lovin on gabe.
di "getting" finn.
it was a lil warm so everyone seeked the shade where they could get it.

great grandpa holding a wiggly maya.
guess what he's doing here?
the paris gang.
samantha & finn are definitely related :)
great granddad & samantha.
marilyn & her grandson, lucas.
we did a mini session with denise & ron & all the kids. that was entertaining.

the boys.
the girls.
i love this one. my mom & dad's hands on my baby girl. i have it framed in our living room.
& while we were enjoying ourselves someone said what time is your flight? so we checked it & it was in t-minus 1 hour & 45 minutes. so in a bit of a hurry we finished packing & loaded up the car. gotta love the lou airport's family lane at the security gate! we made it with a few minutes spare.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

wedding day

maya & i left early saturday morning for the wedding. bryan & finn stayed behind so they could say hey to gabe & evelyn when they arrived! we were so excited to see them. last time we saw gabe he wasn't yet talking & although he could get around he wasn't really very mobile. the difference this time was amazing! gabe is a little man now!!! & such a cutie. i made bryan promise to take some pictures of them together.

how cute?!

maya slept the entire drive there. she was still so pooped that after walking around the property with rose for half an hour i laid her on the bed & she slept for another hour! how precious is she?

when she was woke up i wore her in my ka'tan wrap & then she slept some more. our first time photographing a wedding together!
if i wasn't holding her one of my buds from college took her for me.
the boys showed up right before the ceremony. finn found the kid table with candles on it. doh!
one of my favorite gals, nieves & bryan.
finn having a blast with all the plants & sticks.
jodi helped out during the ceremony :)
i looked over at one point during the ceremony & saw this. shuey... my man is awesome.
all the art kids that were able to make it. i miss this, can we please have a reunion soon!!!

for me? thanks sweet boy.
finn started to imitate how one of the guys was standing & i couldn't help but laugh. it was so cute.
he did it all night. "hey boys, be careful."
finn getting to know rose & clay's baby, yaka.
they put a movie on for the kids & that worked like a charm for my toddler. he was glued!

ah, one of my favorite portraits of my lovelies. to see their wedding click here :)

their wedding was incredible. one of my most favoritessss. so personal & sweet & them. love you guys.