Wednesday, December 7, 2011

30 some odd hours in louisville

from d.c. i then flew to louisville. my mom was moving into a new town home & so i needed to get home & go through my childhood things & downsize. i never lived in that house- so i was surprised at how much stuff i had there! i worked non-stop (well, to visit a little) & i *thought* i'd downsized to 4 boxes & was really proud of myself. unfortunately, steph & jeff came the weekend after & found a couple more. doh!

but here are a few pics from my incredibly quick trip to louisville. like real quick. i arrived late monday night & left wed morning!

nana lovin.

monica came over on her lunch break!
i don't know what it is about my mom, but she loves giving her grandbabies baths. maya's not so sure about the set-up.
yummy, freshly bathed babies are pretty awesome.

dee dee & pop came over to visit!

a whole lotta this was going on.
& a whole lotta of this too.
we met grandpa for some chai tea before we headed to the airport!

short visit, but each of the grandparents got some time! shuey, that wore me out just remembering it.

Monday, December 5, 2011

d.c. trip

maya & i took our first trip (out of womb) together! & we had a blast.

it was kindof a crazy weekend for our family. i had a wedding in d.c.. bryan had a tournament in colorado- not just any tournament, regionals. so finn wasn't going to be able to go with him. so finn had his first sleep over! he stayed with our friends jenn & chad. jenn watches finn a couple days a week so she was the perfect person to help, so glad she was up for it!

*this weekend proved that we have some awesome friendships, thank you!*

our flight was early saturday morning. our good friends, heather & brian came that morning to stay with finn until they dropped him off at daycare that afternoon. my other dear friend, bonnie, took us to the airport. as i was walking to security i remembered the frozen milk for maya that was sitting in the freezer, doh! she'd need it while i was shooting the wedding. i was cutting it really close, but i called brian (& woke him up, again!) & he rushed it over to me. (thankfully, we live about 5 minutes away from the airport) there is a family line at the security gates, so we breezed right on through there, after i'd run the length of the airport!

we get on the plane & land in d.c. with no problems, maya is a great traveler. my sister took the train in from new york to hang out with us for the weekend. steph & our cousin danielle were on their way to pick us up. such sweet, excited faces jumped out of the car & stole my baby away from me.

i finally get the car seat in & we head to dee's house. she's driving really slow but i don't want to say anything & then finally she says "sorry ya'll i'm just really nervous!" it was adorable. our other cousin courtney lives in d.c & then randomly their sister ashley was in town too! shuey, are you confused yet?

anyways here are some pictures from our short visit. so short i didn't get to see any of my favorite peops that live there, except for chris! we met for breakfast monday morning.

danielle so excited to meet maya.

courtney & maya.
aunt rae rae with her girlie.
i love this face. why in the hell are you about to kiss me in my eyeball?!
on our way to the restaurant... in a boob coma.

such a great pre-dinner with drinks!
ashley with maya. now you've met 3 of the 4 sisters! their youngest sister was/is in mississippi going to school.
nice light on the walk home. andrew & danielle... being cute.
cute girl photos! love these.
andrew jealous that maya's stealing all of his attention ;)
noticing that i'm taking a picture of him... so he smiles :)
courtney doing funny voices.
maya was definitely loved on just a little this weekend.
i burrito maya, just as i did finn & i absolutely love the first 10 seconds when i unwrap them in the morning. that amazing stretch!!!!

here's the beautiful wedding i photographed.

steph & i headed out on monday- so we headed to some cute town for some shopping before we left. had lunch at a cute lil irish pub & walked around a bit. lovely way to spend an afternoon.

& a few more of danielle & her sweet beau.

thanks for being such an amazing hostess dee. love you. thanks to steph for taking a day off work & coming down to play with us! thanks to ashley & courtney for finding time to play with us too. & thanks to all of our friends who helped us out that weekend!

thoughtful gifts

my dear friend carolyn, from silver bay sent us a lil care package.

back story. our last night in new york it rained. carolyn had taken us out to eat at the country club & on the way out she let finn use her umbrella. he'd never seen one before, let alone used one! so strange living in a desert! anyways, he loved it. he had so much fun. he asked about the umbella for several days after.

i opened the box & laughed. there was no name, but i knew who it was from. the next day we got another package, this time a cute lil toy for maya with a note from carolyn. i hid the umbrella & waited for the next rain. luckily, just a week or two later it did! so i excitedly gave him the umbrella & since our storms don't last that long we didn't even have time to put clothes on!!! i heart this picture. friends on facebook think i should turn it into a greeting card. tehee.

Front: "Rain or shine..." Inside: "You always dress the part."

Front: "The bad weather..." Inside: "Is BEHIND you."

hope you're having a great day!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

our kids.

love each other. adore each other. and it's pretty spectacular to watch.
every morning while we eat breakfast finn does his best to make maya laugh.
& she does, she giggles at her silly brother.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

home sweet home.

some random pics from home.

finn & ky ky. she is the world's best dog. i'm so grateful to have her, for the kids to grow up with her tender soul.
being silly.
i love this outfit.
finn loves his sister.
where's my brother!?
"here i am maya."
finn likes to pretend to be the baby. he knows he's not allowed in the chairs, but i walked into our living room after changing her & here he was.
the rightful owner of the swing about to fall into sweet dreams.
after a good nap & a diaper change we did a lil photo session.

ah, home sweet home indeed.