Sunday, October 23, 2011

3 months.

these were taken on 10.1.11.

our maya.

is so sweet. & cuddly.

& funny.

& precious.

& angelic.

& adorable. even when slightly pouty.

& attentive.

& adored by the boys in her life.

& she adores them right back.

within this last week n half she's started giggling. if you hold her up high & nibble on her belly, she'll chuckle. it about breaks your heart. mine anyways. she is so pleasant. so sweet. incredibly easy to pacify (except for maybe 4 or 5 times, she's usually calmed by shushing & rocking.) loves her passy. she's incredibly strong. can hold her neck up now, completely. she can stand for several minutes at a time (while you're supporting her of course!) she's amazing. so smart. i can tell. and she turned three months old yesterday. or well on saturday for all you normal folks who can fall asleep at a respectable hour.

ah my girl. i think i will actually go snuggle in bed with her now.
hope you all have a great week!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

our last day at silver bay.

cat & mo came over with their baby girl addy in the morning. finn was running around in his under drawers like a wild man! our friends with daughters always say something funny about him being half naked... a lot. i wonder if that's a natural instinct to be protective when you have a daughter?

sharing his crayons.
talking about music.
playing a duet.
it's so much fun to watch finn interact with other kids... he's such a little man now.
i love these next ones on the porch of finn & his sucker. which he found in my diaper bag & helped himself. i was saving that for me!
my boys crazy hair. i <3 it.

go away! no talking mommy. go away! (can you guess what he's doing?!)

maya making her what you talking about phylis face!
see how bad her heat rash got on her face? poor girl.
so sweet.

jeff & steph headed to their train. it was sad to say good bye.

we finished cleaning the house & then headed up to campus to run around one last time & say good bye to carolyn.

we have some really sweet photos in front of this tree from finn's first visit so i'd planned on doing the same shot for maya, but it rained & the ground was still really wet, so it's a slightly different picture in front of the tree.

finn's pictures:

maya's pictures.

finn didn't want to leave... me either buddy, me either.

bye carolyn. she's always so good to us... we're trying to convince her to come visit us so we can return the favor!

finn in time out. he was sitting on my lap as i edited the pictures & when he saw this one he said "finn cry, he in time out." so smart.

i can not wait to get this picture next year of them holding hands... man is that going to get printed on one large canvas!!!
my girl. my sweet girl.
this is my desktop screen saver... i love it.

oh silver bay, till next summer. what a great vacation you were.