Wednesday, August 29, 2012

man, do we love colorado

bryan had a conference in denver & you bet your booty that we were tagging along.

in the train to baggage claim.
being a big boy & pulling our luggage! so, we're at the rental counter & finn is exploring the lobby. he finds a vending machine & says loudly "i'll get a beer for you mommy."  what?!!!  i couldn't help but laugh.

kids passed out before we got to the hotel.

we spent a whole lot of time in this bookstore.

then ted & sarah came to spend the day with us.

maya & finn love to imitate each other... 
they'd do the ahahahahahah thing with their fist & then giggle for 10 minutes.
hands out & ready to catch the disc.
then we headed to a concert... cool band, can't for the life of me remember who.
we passed the park again.
i arranged for a girls night dinner. some of my all time favorite ladies. 
ashley, himali, julie & aurora all met us at a cute lil local restaurant. 
bryan couldn't come because he had a big fancy dinner.
lots of time at the hotel. we brought maya's pack n play & finn slept on the floor on a camping pad.
ashley gave us passed to the zoo... we loved the penguins!

& then back to the bookstore again to kill some time until bryan was done.
trail of destruction behind her.
bath time.
mo' bookstore. seriously. we didn't have a rental car during the week- so mama carried maya in the ergo & pushed finn in the stroller everywhere. until bryan was done & could play. it was a long, tiring week. so that bookstore was heaven sent! i could sit down & let the kids play- 
the train table kept finn occupied for 2 hours one of the days.
denver has painted piano's all over town. we sat & listened to one guy for probably an hour. 
he was really talented.
& then it was finn's turn.
next up is the second half of colorado- where we leave denver & head to boulder.