Sunday, January 23, 2011

a mere perfect weekend.


*made two meals for the week- homemade chicken vegetable soup & turkey lasagna with sweet potato puree mixed in. (deceptively delicious recipe *adjusted)
*bryan cleaned out the vacuum.
*bryan went to frisbee practice & hung out after wards for beer & pizza. (brownie points for him since he brought me home a piece.)
*the boys hiked papago park while i shot a yearly portrait session for one of my favorite families.
*we played outside, a lot. (bryan, unfortunately, taught finn how to climb our wood pile & jump over the fence for frisbees. i swear he is a ridiculous influence on our child, the things finn imitates his daddy doing... would give anyone a heart attack.)
*went for a family walk with ky-ky around tempe town lake.
*were social :) had dinner at our friend rob & tina's house. even stayed out past bedtime!
*each got a morning to sleep in.
*i finished three more album designs. shuey!!!!! kinda cheating since two were parent albums, but still!
*we watched two episodes of our obsession, friday night lights.

the only thing that kept this from being a fantastic weekend is me time. i didn't do a single thing by myself, for me. not for finn, or the house, or my photography business, but for me. megan resch. that's a real problem i've noticed lately. so much of my personality has become my photography business & being a mom. i pride myself on those two items & occasionally i find it in me to be a good partner to bryan. poor bryan.

i also find this a bit ironic that as i complain about this i've started going to therapy for me once a week. and i did a photo trade with a massage therapist so i'm getting weekly massages too. that's more than i've ever done for myself since finn's been born or maybe ever. finn goes to daycare for 1.5 days a week & it's glorious. so i am getting breaks, but maybe they're long over due & i'm feeling a little too thin at the moment to appreciate it.

us moms need to treat ourselves, but i don't want to go shopping or get a manicure. i need to find something else that doesn't cost anything(so no guilt), but feeds my soul. a professor of mine use to say- you gotta feed your soul & sometimes you just gotta feed your belly.

what are the ways ours mom-blog-readers treat themselves? i'd love to know!

now we're going to check off the last thing on our to- do list for the weekend: discuss our new budget for this upcoming year. we have some exciting things in the works to be announced soon :)~

hope you have a great week!

to steph & jeff- welcome back from costa rica!!!! i'm so glad you loved your honeymoon... bugs, rain & zip-lining in all!

to monica & john- so excited for your next adventure. monica welcome to louisville!

finn's first haircut

this was hard for me. i love his hair & i've heard numerous times before that once you cut those baby curls they don't come back. thankfully, finn's hair is curly!!!!! they aren't just baby curls!

here's a shot of him in all his pre-haircut glory. it's scraggly mess, but i thought it precious.
these kid haircut places are the way to go. he was happy the moment we walked in.
when it was our turn she plopped him on the chair, turned on a little video & handed him a sucker. the boy didn't make a peep or move an inch.
it was so long!!

we trimmed everywhere with a little more on the sides.
he watched her for awhile, puzzled.

& then as a treat we went to a park afterwards that had choo-choo's!!
watching as we ride around the pond.
we've riden this once before with emma & melissa & that did not go as well... but he really enjoyed it this time.
& then we played at the playground.
it's going so fassssssst.

i love our weekends. here's hoping you've had a good one so far!

finn's going to need another haircut soon, since he's the ringbear in uncle johnny's wedding in feb!!!! we need to start practicing walking down an aisle. i'm excited to see how he responds to this pressure :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

some random life for ya.

this boy has found his voice & it's stuck in terrible two land.
sometimes, our days look like this:
& our house like this: messy.
finn reading at his desk.
but then, daddy comes home from work & plays horsee & he makes it all better for the both of us.

other days he's an angel with only a few little hiccups.
& funny.
& i'm motivated to clean...
& then daddy comes home & it's just a bonus, not a "thank you baby jesus" moment.

i hope you're enjoying your mlk. jr day.
you were an amazing man & i appreciate the message of love & equality
that you worked so hard to communicate.

Monday, January 10, 2011

steph & jeff's wedding weekend...

what a fabulous weekend! jeff & melissa left on a tuesday & we flew out on wednesday for nashville tn. jeff & steph picked us up at the airport & we immediately got to work on the guest bags! they planned every detail to a t. it was all fabulous.

thursday: we had a lot of fun in that city. finn faking it on our walk to lunch.
all better once aunt sneffani gives him some attention.
mom & finn dancing to some good ol' country music.

& then he got kicked out of his first bar. he's a wild man i tell ya.
walking around town.
too cute!

we got a picture of finn with elvis for my dad, but he wasn't a fan.
my lil cousins emma, harry & molly were so great with finn.
he was having a blast in the hotel room.
this is probably the most difficult kid in the world to change his diaper. good lord our room was a mess.
on the saturday night they reserved the top floor of a barbecue joint & everyone dressed as locals -cowboys!

john & rachel.
uncle "tickle" harassing the kids.
the next silver bay generation! these kids will all grow up together and one day be emps. it's kinda cool to think about.
steph & our cousin adam.
me & barb.
jeff & mom.

hello? hello?
kisses for uncle don.
nooo wipey my face.
eric & harry became best buds.
the resch cousins. all together for the very first time -ever.
most of the resch's except for cas & marie.
rachel. i lived with my aunt & uncle & was their nanny for the first 6 months of rachel's life. i haven't seen her since & can't believe how big she's gotten.
carrie, aaron & adam.
finn conked out. he was pooped!
we're classy.
at the bar later that night. i was soooo tired.
deep conversations all around.

sunday: my dear friend, rose had lunch with us before we headed to the airport!
pop loves his cars & the boys admired this beauty.
bryan's parents came down to help us with finn & were such a big help.
i love this one.
i love my rosie.

we said our last goodbyes to steph & jeff & then headed home.

thanks steph & jeff for a wonderful weekend & letting us be such a special part of your wedding.