Thursday, October 22, 2009


okay this post is ridunkulousisly long.

the paris'.

finn meets great- grandpa meyer & the meyer clan:

i love this. love, love, love.
'great aunt di's babe' will be finn's first sentence.
grandma dee & evie. i love this too.
it took about 10 minutes to warm up to uncle bryan. then we were good to go.
one pooped pup.
aunt melissa!!!! notice how close evelyn is getting to finn... :)
cute huh?
there is nothing in this world like a babe that's fallen asleep on ya.
good lord i'm obsessed with hands.
see that one crazy eyelash that points down. it drives me a little crazy. but all the other ones are pretty.
so sweepy.
slides. we did a lot of park fun while we were home.
evie & aunt megan.
love this. she's such a happy girl.
4 generations. it was down right chilly at grandad's birthday picnic. so finn got to wear his pj's.
bryan's second cousins were in town so we had a lil fam get together.

sean & ana... isn't this a sweet little shot?
ree making her normal face :o)

it's pretty cute how everyone's goal in life is to make their babe, evelyn, happy. gotta love the first grandbaby. i was one :) well first girl.

dennis faught for finn almost as much as the aunts! he loves his finn.

we kept this kid out way past his bedtime almost every night. here we get the stink eye because of it.
oh more park fun. we drove evelyn back to dayton so she could see her mama, who'd been in hawaii for tina's wedding. we arrived before they did so we stopped for some swingin & of course slidin.

brave child.
she thought it was funny.

but now bryan is super protective :)
we get to meet gabe!!!!!!!!
so stinken cute.
getting sleepy.

i think these next two are hillarious.
finn: i know i'm cute.
finn: what you want my model face? kay.
the first of many baths together. sorry for the wang shot.
those toes.

gabe is a little over 2 months older... but look how close they are in size.
he loves his duck. he could talk to it for hours. thanks tecee!
gabe's cute expressions.

okay. while i was shooting those cute expressions of gabe, he was using my camera as a foot rest. too cute! (the rest of these images were shot with our canon point & shoot)

me saying to bryan "are you getting this?????"
too flipping cute.
we stopped by 21c to check out their cool art exhibit & i love this screen. whatcha spelling there ron?
a kissee for bryan.

the paris' went out to eat at buckhead on the river. it was a beautiful night. i love their butter & rolls.
the boys love their evelyn.

more great aunt lovin.
purty sunset.
back at ron & denise's house they started an intense game of ping pong. they eventually played teams of 2: bryan & his dad, dennis & neil. the trick was only using one paddle. made for some entertaining crashes. poor oreo got trampled a few times.
grandma dee & finn... cute!!!
resch's next!