Thursday, May 29, 2014

thanksgiving 2013

we definitely missed being with our family on this special day. 
but we did what our little family loves most... hiking in the superstitions!
 she's getting so good!  she was way more timid than finn, but is starting to kick butt! 
she even did surprisingly well on his pedal bike!
happy thanksgiving!

november 2013

we visited broadmor, our first choice school for finn. it was overwhelming & scary & exciting. i saw this cool art work on the walls & knew we were gonna be doing this at home. finn took it in his own direction, even after i explained it twice :)

kace was one of the first boys to master the monkey bars. the girls have been doing it for months ;)

lunch at joe's farm & grill, YUM!!! with rob, tina, kyan & davis, after their portrait session.
dinner by lantern light & finger puppets.
sometimes maya has a hard time falling asleep, 
so she climbs in bed with finn & is out within minutes.