Thursday, May 29, 2014

finn's first mountain bike race.


i am in awe of how useful the skute bike is. 
we bought one for finn from rei & he has been skuten on it since he his feet were not even able to touch the ground! & then we buy him a big boy (tiny!) bike for christmas when he was 3. 
he took off on it. like seriously, didn't need us at all. it was amazing. he loves going with bryan to papago park & riding down the hills. so, when bryan's boss, theresa, asked if he'd want to sign finn up for a children's race that she use to head up,  he said "why, yes." 

finn warming up.
maya thought about doing it to, but she refused to change out of her dress & 
i was afraid it would get caught in the bike, so she hung out with dad & watched instead.
a little bit nervous & a little bit excited!
finn was second to last up a hill a little past this point & it was a decent hill! 
a girl was behind him. he stopped at the top & let her catch up. 
i asked him about it later & he said because 
he didn't want her to be alone & wanted to let her catch up. 
oh my, knock me over with pride.
this made me laugh.
when bryan couldn't catch up with him, theresa took over. she's such an awesome lady.
i started crying at this point, and i'm doing it again now as i type it. i love that this world is so full of goodness... that people that hardly know my kiddo love him & encourages him.
& a sweet reward for surviving it!
each kid got a medal!
& then to top off the afternoon... they raffled off a couple bikes from the kids bib numbers. 
they called 522 & i screamed!
an awesome bike, too! it'll be another 6 months or so till he can ride it, but it's pretty sweet.

he can ride it but he can't reach the hand brakes.
& then we rushed home so we could set up for my annual art show. 
i had 5 other artist this year & it was a lot of fun.

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