Wednesday, April 18, 2012

a few portraits...


the wild flowers were awesome... maya was extra cute, an adorable outfit that i bought her from kate quinn was about to burst from the seams so it was time for a portrait session.

a dress i got at my favorite second hand store, hissyfits.

another cute dress from good will :)

& here's the adorable outfit that i got from kate quinn. i made the headband to go with it. i'm all for my daughter being feminine without being over the top girlie... it's tom boy in me.

sweet girl.


this headband was a little too big :)

we continued the session at home with finn... i love their relationship.

happy wednesday to you!

Monday, April 16, 2012

new year fest. more ultimate frisbee.

we are one lucky family. we have so many awesome friends, the majority of them in our frisbee community.  so these tournaments are always a lot of fun.  i played with a ladies team a lil bit & bryan played with his competitive team, sprawl. they lost in the finals, but they made it to the finals so it was pretty exciting.

we were the party animals. i was pretty lame with a white shirt & a few cow spots. but marnie ripped the guts out of a giraffe & used it as a hat!

vince loves maya leigh.

so does lisa.

maya sat up for the first time unassisted!  someone put her down & said "can she sit up?" & i said "not yet" as they pulled away... & she proved me wrong!!

emma & finn played with a big box full of beanie babies. (one of my teammates had these safety pinned to her outfit)

taking a break to play some soccer.

heather, micah & stoli.

we took a lil trip to the playground during one of my bi's.

finn & emma would switch pushing her stroller & riding his bike.

owen & his too big hat :)


dad, that's my apple. but you can have one bite.

dad... that's my water. don't drink it ALLLL.

melissa & i.

these next two are adorable. prepare yourself.

seriously! love these two together.

my sweet sweet girl.

not sure why he got suckered into some pushups after game three... but he did.

finn decided he wanted to sit on him while he was doing it & bryan collapsed.

the crowd cheered!

love this one.

maya eating her sock. yum, yum.

heather is always a HUGE help with the kiddos.  we should start calling her aunt heather!

thankfully the ladies (& guys occasionally) we play with are really great at watching the kids while we're on the fields. emily the bee!

monika stealing ice cream from a baby!!!! meanie!

monika & hannah.

sweet owen :)

finn exploring.

maya watching daddy play.

vince coming back for some more baby!

we weren't completely potty trained yet...  so can you guess what he's doing?

ah, lovely sunset to end the lovely weekend. & then we all headed for hamburgers & milkshakes!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

i threw bryan a surprise bday party & it worked!

i had it all planned out for about a month in advance. i'm not that great at keeping surprises from him. mostly because i get too excited & tell him, so i'm pretty proud.  i even got his boss' number from heather & asked for her help. if she could catch him on his way out & give him just one more thing before he left. i knew he'd call me & say "i'm sorry i'm going to be a little late" & then he'd give me the exact time he'd be home. the boy has got it down to a science. (& he was within a minute of what he'd predicted).

here are a few pictures from the party.

i cleaned the entire week leading up to this. & i mean cleaned. scrubbed the walls & foot boards. cabinets. base of the sliding glass door, which i've never done before & we live in a desert so it was gross! i made some curtains & bought some pretty flowers.  i kinda wanted to cancel the party so i could just relax in this strange clean house.

i decorated the board with some photographs of bryan.

set up the bar. had a new silhouette canvas made since we've added another shadow.

finn got to watch a movie (or two.)

i'd left the back door open because of the vinegar smell from all the cleaning & like 8 bees got in the house. so i locked maya in our room. luckily finn was sleeping. but i was kinda freaked out, while i shued them away.

the kids were all about the surprise!

he was totally surprised!!!!  he kinda lingered in the living room for awhile because he saw a bunch of kids under the table. but he said that wasn't necessarily a unique view so he didn't think too much of it!

arielle, amaya, jill & maya.

proof that bryan will hold babies...  :)

justin brought us a yummy ice cream cake :)

it was a beautiful night, so we were outside for most of it.

happy birthday bryan!!!!!