Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!!!!

So... what are we doing for Earth Day? Flying cross country, back home to Kentucky! Aren't we the greatest activists? :)

But, we are going to offset our carbon footprint from our flight, so it's not sooooo bad. We off-set our credits here, at Sustainable Travel International. Our good friend Ted works for this company & it's pretty fantastic. Please have a look & see if you're interested in bettering your footprint too!

Our total emissions for this particular round trip flight: 2.2697 tons of CO2.
The total cost for us both: $27.24

But, I hope those of you in a more stable place are doing something to celebrate our Earth. She's pretty fantastic :)

recent belly shot... but ya can't see the belly- woops.

get out & ride your bike!!!!

or go play on a play ground :) isn't evelyn cute?
she by the way, officially has a brother gabe!!!!!!!! he was born last night around 1:15 am after only a few hours of labor! he is healthy & happy. mom is doing well & happy to have that babe out!

bryan & i on the devil's bridge in Sedona.... about a week before peanut was... ya know.

& then our favorite past-time... we need to get peanut a life vest!!!!

Thank you earth- for everything you do!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ultra sound numero tres

today i went to another ultra sound. peanut had a lil heart-a-skipping last time that they wanted to check out & that seems to be taken care of now. julie our technician (or whatever her title is) is so awesome. she's been one of our favorite parts of this whole thing! she says things like "he's got a cute pooper." she gave us a great report of a very healthy peanut. he weighs 3 lbs 13 ounces & will probably be around 7lbs when he's born. i think this sounds about perfect :) but bryan has now taken it upon himself to stuff me with food every chance he gets.

other exciting news:

bryan defends his thesis tomorrow at 3:30. ya know how we live in a desert far away from our family??? well, it was so he could come get this thing & now four years later he is finishing it! it's very exciting. he's a bit nervous- but he always underestimates himself when it comes to these types of things. he'd say he did bad on a test in undergrad & then he'd end up with an A. when i thought i did bad on a test i got a D! hopefully peanut gets his dad's brains! so please wish bryan luck today or congratulate him afterwards! he has been working soooooo hard the last month or two.

other, other news:

we're still waiting on paris grandchild no. 2. he wad due on the 9th. gabe has yet to enter this world- just too comfy in the womb. peanut- don't you go getting any ideas from your cousin, mr.
we plan on going for a very short visit this weekend- we got cheap tickets via southwest, so we'll go sat morn & come back sun night.

we're also waiting on kennedy- my cousin's babe... but she has a few more weeks to go. it's crazy how all of the sudden there seem to be soooo many babies around us!

i have my second to last wedding before peanut gets here this friday. the couple is awesome & the venue is super cool, so it should be a lot of fun, if not a lil painful. speaking of weddings my assistant last weekend grabbed a few action shots of me that i thought i'd share because i think they're funny. check out the basketball i'm stuffing in my shirt.

have a great week & end!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

update on photos.

here are a couple pics that friends of ours were kind enough to take for us... we did a little formal photo shoot at a farm nearby & the light was incredible.

see the belly's getting biiig :)

& one sweet photo of some cute things we've received so far. i can't start my nesting because our room mate hasn't moved out yet... but i decided i'd make a clothesline in the soon to be nursery & hang up a few onsies... this stuff is just too cute!

the first one my best bud from highschool, will & his wife, hannah, sent me says: my heart belongs to a photographer :)

the second one, clients of mine that are getting married in may gave us says: ask me about my compost pile... how freakin hillarious is that?

the third little item is peanut's first cloth diaper cover! a hammy down from some frisbee friends.

& the last one my sister gave us at christmas says: little peanut. aw.

the rest of the goodies are in a tupperware bin awaiting to be displayed or used. my office is quickly being inundated with stuff! peanut will have way more stuff than bryan requires & almost more than me :)