Thursday, April 29, 2010

the reinhart clan

left monday morning. the house is eerily quiet & calm...

they were here for 6 days... 6 days of pure craziness & fun. i left my camera at home for some of the adventures but here are a few that i took. sarah took some awesome ones on our hike... so maybe that'll be another post once we swap the photos.

the first night. bryan realized quickly his shrine of frisbees was in trouble- so we did some extra little man proofing.

we set up the boys on an air mattress in finn's room. everyone starting to get ready for bed.
they love their baby pen.
the three babes in the morning. these children sleep in for their mother FINN!!!!
gus was a little timid around skye... but things are all gravy while she's in the cage!
getting ready for the zoo... our first adventure.
yummy finn toes.

they rented a minivan and it was one seat short if we all were in it at the same time.
sarah all cozy in the back!
we attempted a family portrait... :)
made a costco run... we were asked if they were twins. i joked that we probably looked like a mormon family: one man, two wives & a buttload of kids. we don't have that kind of mormons in az, i don't think?
i took mitchell to see paolo soleri's artist colony... love that place.
all the kids snacking it up... how cute are they?!
tilly & finn checking something out.

finn's new kicks. yeah, he's a cool kid.

check out my teeth! he now has 3 on top & 3 on bottom.

we all needed naps in the afternoons- mitchell in the middle of one said nap.

once tilly was down he snuggled up to leo.
these two were pretty cute together. & i LOVE this sequence.

ahahahahahha! i completely blame my son motor boating tilly on our friend stoli. he taught him! not my fault!!!!

the little beauty, ms tills.
this is another hilarious sequence. mitch went to pick up sarah from her class with leo. bryan was still at work. so it's me, finn, tilly & gus. i get the kids situated: tilly is fussy so i wear her in the moby & she falls asleep. finn in the high chair with some puffs & gus at the table with some grapes.

gus: this man needs some more puffs.
gus: i'll help.
gus: don't mind if i help myself.
finn: i'll just put these back for you mama.
gus: no baby pen...
finn would drop them one by one on the floor & tada!!!!
i just kept taking pictures because i thought it was funny. the dogs cleaned it up quite nicely.

mitch & bryan & their babes.

gus on the pony. the boys in the background swinging.
leo man climbing the rock wall.

after the park, the resch/paris clan headed to ultimate frisbee. it was league tournament time. our team, the hard knocks kicked some butt! we had already won the first game monday night. we won the first 3 games on saturday taking us to the finals. i've been twice before & won once. although i was told it didn't count!!! i'm still counting it, keith! so, we get to finals & we're all pretty tired but pumped :) we end up losing by one but we all took that title home happily because our team was fantastic. fun, talented & dedicated. i'm sore & still having muscle spasms. i might hate frisbee now. just kidding but i think i AM more sore after 8.5 hours of frisbee than i was after 4.5 hours of birth. i'm not sure what that says.

so... it was a great week. we've collectively taken 10 naps since yesterday morning.... and probably need 20 more. life with four kids will not be easy, but one day i do aspire to have a clan of my own! miss ya already reinharts.

check out sarah's blog about their visit! thanks for the sweet thanks sarah!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


one of my loves from college, rosie, came to visit. we lived together in an awesome house with two other lovely ladies our last semester. we were ceramic majors together. she & her partner, clay drove up from nasheville for our baby shower. that's how awesome she is.

she stayed with us a couple nights during her visit & we took her & some friends to the botanical gardens.

finn playing in the dirt.
thanks for these next two rosie. love em.

rose smelling the desert flowers!

my rose.

this how finn rolls.
she's so mean finn... stealing your yummy food!
next up is the play date with kace & emma. rose came & it ended up being such a fun lil gathering.