Saturday, January 28, 2012

maya's first time in a bumbo chair!!!

{pictures taken on: 11.1.11}

she's started to sit up by herself, as of this weekend!! so it's funny looking back to the first time i felt like her neck was strong enough to sit in a bumbo!

but here's my sweet girl with one of her first milestones :)

she's so pleased with herself.

look ma!
always aware of where her brother is.
& now for some tummy time. i confess to not giving my children probably enough tummy time. they have both been such strong babies i just don't think of it much.

finn decided to try it out.
look ma!

actual halloween.

my aunt teecee & uncle david were in town for a friends wedding, so they tagged along with us! we spend the day playing at their hotel pool & then came home in time to meet daddy & put on our outfits & hit some houses. i had planned to make me different fruits & treats just like in the book & make bryan some railroad crossing bars but i ran out of time. one year we'll participate... that was my favorite part as a kid- seeing what my aunts and uncles would dress up as. my mom(especially) & dad always went all out. halloween is HUGE for my mom's family. my grandparents would dress up. my grandfather, a rather large man, would dress up in my grandmother's lacy pajama's! grandma would wear some mask- but mainly she manned the door & the big pot of chili.

i can't wait to watch my kids grow up loving such a fun holiday!

maya being all witchy!!
maya loving the sunshine & pool!
(from david's ipod)

time to get dressed!
finn's ready!
tehee. uncle david's knee was hurting him. so he sat outside our house & passed candy out while we visited the neighbors!
love this one. we've hit our last house & were heading home.
checking out his loot!

love this holiday. happy belated halloween to you... teehee. ridiculous.

halloween with friends.

our friends tina & rob invited us over for pizza & their neighborhood halloween party... which was huge! jump houses galore, mazes, a balloon man. lots of fun. not a lot of candy- but that was fine by us parents!

here's finn's costume all finished! minus the hat.
maya was the hungry catepillar! tehee. homemade as well. i ran out of time & was going to make the hat but bryan said just use a hat you already have. so i used the giraffe hat & sewed on some eyeballs. worked alright!
here he is with the hat aunt rae rae & uncle jeff gave him.
kyan says rrrrrrrrrrar!!!
matt & miss minnie.
3 stooges. it was our turn to return the favor to our friends jenn & chad. they watched finn while we were out of town for frisbee/wedding. avery is on the right. he was such an easy addition to our brood. at one point, while we were walking to the park, bryan said "i forgot we even had avery!" luckily he was in the wagon & we didn't REALLY forget him :)

miss sophie bug!!

melissa perfecting the mouses!
bounce, bounce, bounce!
they loved it!

owen was a lightening mcqueen!

watching the balloon guy. finn left all of his friends for a front row seat.
maya konked out.

i spied my friend paige with her husband (dressed as Zach Galifianakis from hangover) & babe in the audience.
the dads.
you okay owen?
avery looking for me.
lil micah!
tina & kyan.
the balloon guy was awesome. melissa & emma.
joanne & owen.
no better way to end the night than with some tackling!
finn in time out :(

fun times :)