Monday, June 28, 2010

we've been in

5 cities. slept in 7 different beds. flown on 7 different planes. (including one flight that was only 15 minutes long & the plane was tiny!!!)

it's been a long three weeks. and finn could not have been happier to be home. he went straight to his bookshelf & tore the books off, then to his cabinets in the kitchen where he promptly threw the tupperware on the ground. he was home. on his own turf.

poor boy or lucky lil world traveler, depending on how you look at it. all in all he did amazing for being thrown all over this country with his mama & occasionally papa. he's done amazingly well since being home too. we thought there would be some adjustment, but so far he's slept through the night & even put himself to bed a few times. We are trying to let him calm himself down a little more & most nights it's only taken a few minutes!

we stayed away for so long because i had to work. i had three amazing weddings. mary & kirk in louisiville, kentucky. neil & sandy in dunkirk, new york. kelly & mark in carbondale, colorado. i had a goal to shoot weddings in new york, georgia, vermont, colorado & portland. i will have checked all of those off by the end of this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH! i love my job.

i'm going to start with our trip to colorado springs. bryan had a conference & we tagged along!
finn entertaining himself with peek a boo on the plane.

flying over the rockies. i think. bryan?
the cool water park near our hotel. finn & i spent a lot of time there.
not so sure about this pup.
nope, we love this pup.
our view from our hotel room. nice.
heather (bryan's co-worker) & brian, our good friends, were also there.

we took finn up to 14,110 feet on pikes peak by way of a cog railway... very cool.

we walked around the garden of the gods.
and played on lots of playgrounds.

louisville's up next.

Monday, June 21, 2010

long randomness

this will be mainly pictures. few words. we're in colorado & the boys are ready to go play on pearl street :)

happy june, it's one of my favorite months!!!!

bryan will kill me for this, but isn't finn a cute lil girl? he's wearing his homemade goodness from aunt jodie & the headband is from jill :)

we went to the art museum to see the ansel adams exhibit with my friend paige & her two daughters rory & anya.
we made homemade pizza with our friends cathy & tyler & their twins isabelle & nathan. they found their old crib & jumped in!
we visited the phx children's museum with keith & owen. i love that place. finn & i will be spending many of our summer days there.
finn rode his first tricycle with help from papa.

we got some work done.
we visited the zoo.

ah the days of crawling are long gone... he's an avid runner now.
which wears us out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
happy tuesday!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

as i rocked my baby

to sleep tonight... i told him of his birth story. i've done this often but tonight it was of special importance, because as i was whispering in his ear, this time one year ago i was starting to have contractions. sweet, soft contractions that would help push my baby out. we were watching the simpsons & then conan obrien, which is kinda funny because they sortof look alike. then the contractions became not so soft & sweet & my mother began to panic, calling all the important players & yelling at them to hurry their hinny's up! he entered this world gracefully at 3:04 am in the comfort of our home. everyone made it in time... everything went as it should.

we are blessed.

our worlds have changed. dramatically. everything is different now. everything. we're still megan & bryan, the same ole, megan & bryan, but now we're finn's parents. and that is an awesome, awesome job. everyday we're learning something new. questioning what we thought we knew. what we want to know. how we want to react to the situations that arise. figuring out the type of parents we want to be...

we were given such a sweet, beautiful little boy. to raise. to giggle with. to dote on & kiss & snuggle with. & to figure out how in the hell we're supposed to discipline a child that makes you laugh as he does whatever it is you don't want him to do.

*I sometimes wake in the early morning
& listen to the soft breathing of my children
& I think to myself, this is one thing I will never regret
& I carry that quiet with me all day long. brian andreas*

my sweet child. you are old enough to know what pain is & you're quite clumsy so you feel it often. you are old enough to know when to laugh or say uh-oh on time with dropping whatever you're holding. you say choo choo when we ask you what sound a train makes. or mooooooo for a cow. or baaaa for a sheep. you point to birds. you can spot a basketball hoop in the yard across the street, while in your high chair, you'll point & say bskball.

when you hear a plane you look up in the sky for it. at night you look for the mooooooooon. if i say 'grab a book & come sit in my lap' you do. & we'll read. you take the time to point at everything in your books & turn the pages. we have to hold your hands down for the first bite at every meal- but once you've tasted it you're fine & for the most part cooperative. you can take the spoon from us & feed yourself. you love holding a whole pear or apple & eat almost the entire thing.

you make me laugh.
you make me feel special.
you make me feel important.
you have made me fall more in love with your father.

you have made my life have meaning & i want to thank you.

it's incredible to think you've been here for exactly 365 days. you've made the past
five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes so very special.

& i love you for it. happy birthday baby. mommy & daddy adore you.