Thursday, November 22, 2012

we were so excited to host a triple crown party

with tim & sarah.  (we were out of town for derby this year -in vegas for heather's sister's wedding).  but, a few days before the race i'll have another was scratched!!! doh. we still hosted but it definitely wasn't as exciting. but i'm thankful his owners put his well being in front of any monetary gain or standing in history. although i'm sure the stud fees will make up for that!

sarah & maya.

finn lost his ticket so rob gave him one of his.

nugie time.

pool time!


i really like cheerio's. ya know?

                                                                   keith had a blast with the kids.


woops. it flung backwards!

love these next two of maya & couldn't decide so you get both of them.

a lover's quarrel. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

pre birthday week.

aunt rae rae's gift... he loves this game.

but he loved popping the packaging almost more.

playing zingo with bonnie.

my boys being sweepy.

it was going around.

maya & micah. definitely got a little ring to it!

love this one.

& i love this look. taye you are soo funny.

painting buddies.

we tried making string bees for his bumble bee party... those things are tough!! 
& finn lost interest in about 3 minutes.

ah, he use to wear diapers!

how old are you going to be?

cars being carried on trains!


we love our pancake saturdays.

i love her lil foot. she loved sitting like this.

awesome train track.

ice cream with friends.

upset that we had to leave.