Thursday, April 28, 2011

hiking south mountain

back in feb (i'm working on catching up!!!) we went on a hike to south mountain. i had my 30th birthday trip coming up & needed to stay in shape... so we hiked most weekends.

this is lil baby bump- i'm much bigger now. we plan on taking a picture this weekend :)

it was a beautiful day. these days are so amazing... sometimes i reeeeeeally love phoenix.

we've had to do a lil rearranging since he's had a little too much fun with our dvd's!
finn has become obsessed with t.v. (watching a movie on our computers since we don't own a t.v.) i try to let him only occasionally, but man. if i'm tired. in the dvd goes!

deedee & pop's visit

deedee & pop came out for a week of lovely weather. unfortunately they weren't going to have that great of bragging rights since louisville was having very similar perfect weather, but it was glorious.

they sat outside on our patio reading & relaxing. they took finn to the zoo so i could do some work. they made candy necklaces & potted forget me nots together. they read lots of books. and cooked lots of fabulous meals.

here's a few of finn lounging in the tub, that crack me up.

finn showing daddy his new bubble blowing skills from swim lessons. do you think he's outgrown this tub? almost!
he loves his pop.
he now tries to eat every necklace i wear to see if it tastes as good as this one did!
finn had a rough night & instead of fighting it i brought our laptop in & let him watch up while we attempted to fall back asleep.

i didn't take many pictures that week unfortunately. but more to come soon!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


oh that stage of pregnancy is here. ya know the one. where ultimate discomfort & do i really have 3 more months of this not sleeping & peeing every 5 minutes thing???? i love me some babies, but i do not enjoy being pregnant nearly as much as i dreamed i would. i felt guilty while pregnant with finn for thinking that way. but i'm in the accepting/wishing it away part with paris babe no 2. she/he kicks like a mad man. you can already see it's foot or hand moving in my stomach. ALREADY. what this child is going to be capable of when it's got some actual weight on it's side i do not know. finn has such a hard time sitting on my lap when we read books, but he's adamant about trying to stay on. he does love it when i hold him, nice lil pouch to rest on.

we've had a rough couple days but with some really sweet moments. for finn & i anyways. he hasn't wanted much to do with bryan & i know that's been hurting his feelings, but when you're hurting don't you think of your mama too? i do. no offense to my dad, but my mom rubs my back just right. so finn stood up from his potty sunday night & almost immediately fell down. i was right there with him & didn't notice anything unusual about how he stood up, but he refused to walk from that point on. it was almost bed time, so we didn't think much of it & got him ready & put him to bed. he still wouldn't walk on it in the morning. he's done something similar one other time. we were wrestling on the bed & i rolled over while holding him & his leg got caught weird underneath me. he didn't walk the rest of that evening nor that next morning either. so i rushed to the doctor's & the little stinker walked perfectly normal once we got there. i looked crazy & abusive! so bryan & i agreed this time we'd wait a little longer.

i had a portrait session at 11am & so i dropped him off at melissa & emma's house. he was uncharacteristically clingy. he normally loves going over there because she has all these great toys & he's off pushing her carts, riding her neigh neigh, etc. he just wanted me to hold him. he threw a lil fit when i left & melissa said although he calmed down quickly he was most definitely not himself. fussed & cried if they got in lil tiffs & looked up at her pitifully if he wanted to get somewhere.

we stayed over there for a bit & it didn't seem to get much better. i took him home for a nap & he only slept for about 40 minutes, which isn't like him at all. it's usually 2-3 hours. we headed to the dr.'s for our 3pm appt. finn was hysterical once the doctor came in. he would not unwrap his arms from around my neck. kicking & screaming while he did his exam. he said he wanted xrays just to be sure. he walked for the first time when the doctor took him from me & put him down across the room from me. finn ran over, while limping & crying in pain.

so off to get x-rays. i couldn't be in there with him since i'm preggers & so i stood in the adjacent room & could talk to him. it took two nurses to hold him down while he screamed terrified. they took 7 x-rays. he luckily held still in fear the entire time otherwise she said they would have had to wrap him in a sheet & restrain him & i don't know if i could have handled that.

back to the doctor's office we go. he starts screaming the second he sees the parking lot. this kid is so smart i tell ya.

he's super tired at this point & hasn't had much to eat. i'm super tired from getting him in & out of his car seat, holding him constantly & entertaining him while we wait in waiting rooms for what seems like forever.

the doctor finally comes in (new guy by the way that we've never seen, but he's emma's doctor at the same office we go to, so i thought i'd try him since they love him.) & says the x-rays look good. he has a weird curvature bump on one part of the bone, but he doesn't see how that could be causing the problem. he'd call me the next day with the official report & we'd decide then if a specialist was necessary.

we head home, finally. he won't eat dinner & flips out when bryan tries to help him with his water. i've honestly never seen him so hysterical so i'm convinced something is really wrong. since he couldn't do much we watched nemo three times that day. he normally sits near me but doesn't cuddle, but he was all about laying on me or in my arms or on the belly.

thus the sweet moments.

today was hard in the sense that he still babied the leg, but was definitely feeling much more confident on it. he could stand at the coffee table & play with his trains fine. he was super moody & cranky. both of our stomachs were hurting & neither of us ate much again. i don't know if it was stress from yesterday or a stomach bug. by the end of tonight he was twirling & jumping just fine. miraculous recovery. my sister thinks it was a ploy the whole time to watch nemo as much as he wanted. i don't put it past this lil stinker to do that.

bryan came home not feeling well & now has a temp of 101. but he's sleeping again after finn woke up crying for wa-wa & requested bryan sing rainbow a couple times. i'm tired, but know that if i lay down it's just going to be more frustration when i don't fall asleep. he goes to daycare tomorrow if the belly & leg are all better, so i'll be taking a nice long nap hopefully.

i have my second wedding of the year on friday- so hopefully i get a couple nights rest before then. it's going to be a quaint ranch wedding in prescott! then we head to tucson for a frisbee tournament. i may only go one day since i know i'll already be tired & chasing finn around at these tournaments is wearing me out. bryan's a pretty important part of any team he plays on so he's not much help since he's on the field 90% of the time. my girl hannah is going to be there & her husband has volunteered her babysitting skills & i may be taking her up on that :)

okay. i'm going to go read some. hopefully i'll fall asleep while reading. hoping you're all fast asleep at this moment peacefully dreaming.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

emma & finn then some randoms.

i think i have more pictures of emma & finn together than finn & anyone else. they love each other a whole stinken-a-lot.

loving on kylie.

playing in the backyard.

she's such a doll.

he loves playing with play dough, although he tries to lick it every time. yuckee.

squish squish squish.

& then some reading with papa.